All Insurance Policies
Designed specifically for Musicians

Our range of insurance products, tailored espeically for musicians and musical instruments:

Musical Instrument Insurance

Whether your musical instruments are modern, electric or classical we can find you the most suitable insurance policies available at the best prices for your precious instruments.

Motor Insurance for Musicians

Great motoring cover at great rates with insurance policies specially tailored to meet the modern musicians motoring needs

DJ Insurance

Dj's - Insure your record collections, cd collections, laptops and equipment at great rates.

Home Insurance for Musicians

Home and household contents insurance for musicians. All policies specially designed for the needs of the musician.

Public Liability For Studios Musicians And Bands

If the general public visit your music related premises on a regular basis, you most likely will need public liability insurance.

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We concentrate solely on Insurance for the Music industry and Musicians in particular.
Our policies are specially designed to save you money if you or your business are musically inclined.