Our Musical Instrument Insurance Policy is provided by Allianz Cornhill, an Insurance Company established in 1935 and part of the Allianz Cornhill Insurance group. Allianz Cornhill are members of the Association of British Insurers and members of the General Insurance Standards Council.

The Cover Provided

The policy provides cover against accidental loss or damage to your musical instruments (including fire and theft) anywhere within the territorial limits, whether the insured is playing as an amateur or professional musician.

The insurance policy does not cover

1. Riot, civil commotion, earthquake or volcanic eruption outside Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.
2. Confiscation, detention or nationalisation by Customs or other officials or legal authorities.
3. Wear, tear, gradual deterioration, moth, vermin, woodworm or any process of cleaning, dyeing, repairing or restoring any article.
4. Electrical or mechanical derangement.
5. Radioactive contamination or sonic booms.
6. War.
7. Breakage of strings and/or reeds and/or drum heads.
8. Climatic and/or atmospheric conditions and/or extremes of temperature.
9. Items left in unattended vehicles unless specially agreed. An approved vehicle alarm and immobiliser system would be required if the sum insured for items in unattended vehicles is £1000 or more.
10. Theft by any person or persons to whom the property is entrusted.
11. The amount of the excess (normally £25) 12. Any loss or damage caused by the failure of any electrical or computer equipment, software, micro-controller, microchip, accessories or associated equipment, to correctly recognise and process any calendar date or time.

Basis of settlement

In the event of:
(a) Partial damage, the cost of any repair and any depreciation in value resulting there from.
(b) Total loss or destruction, the cost of replacement with no deduction for wear and tear or depreciation.


(i) The sum Insured is adequate to pay for repair or replacement and
(ii) Such repair or replacement is carried out without delay.

We may at our option indemnify you by cash payment, repair, replacement or reinstatement but our liability in respect of any item is limited to the sum insured for that item.

If you elect not to replace the property which has been totally lost or destroyed, the amount payable will be the market value limited to the sum insured for that item.

We will also pay reasonable additional expenses necessarily incurred in hiring alternative instruments or equipment up to 7.5% of the sum Insured on the items which are the subject of a claim limited to a maximum of £1000 in respect of any one incident of loss or damage insured by this policy.

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