Does my car insurance policy cover me to drive in connection with my business?

Most other motor policies only cover for 'social, domestic and pleasure' SDP unless additional cover is requested, however our motor insurance policies include class 1 cover.

Are my musical instruments included under my motor insurance policy?

No. A separate policy Musical Instrument policy needs to be taken out (Terms also apply) Contact us for details.

Do I have to provide serial numbers for my insured instruments?

It's not necessary to provide serial numbers for musical instruments in order to take out insurance. But it is advised as serial numbers can help speed up the claim process. If you are insuring computers or laptops we will need the serial numbers of those.

Can I include all of my cables and leads on the policy?

The above items can be included on the policy. Make sure you specify everything you want to include on your insurance policy when you take it out along with the replacement value of those items.

Can my record/CD collection be insured on the DJ's Insurance policy?

Yes, we insure CD and record collections. We can insure DJ equipment too as well as get great rates on household and motor insurance for DJ's

Does your instrument insurance cover strings, drum skins, reeds?

Our policy does not cover normal wear and tear of the above items. But you do get £500 of cover for "unspecified musical accessories" which does include these items for example instrument cases, mouthpieces, bows etc. Expensive items like this should be quoted for separately.

What is the insurance policy excess?

'Policy Excess' means the amount that in the event of a claim you must pay. For example if the excess on a policy is £500, you must pay the first £500 of any claim with the insurer picking up the rest of the bill. With our musical instrument insurance policies the excess is zero. You receive 100% of the claim total and do not have to pay any excess on musical instrument cover. Zero excess applies to musical equipment however there is a £100 excess on laptops and desktop computers. There is also an excess to pay on our motor policies. Other policies may vary.

Do you insure orchestras, bands on one single policy?

Yes, we provide a custom insurance policy for your situation and insure the whole group's or orchestra's equipment on one insurance policy. You can get great discounts that way.

Can I include my iPhone/ iPad/ iPod on the insurance policy?

Yes, we include these on your musical instrument insurance policy. You will need to provide proof that they are a part of your musical setup.

Can I make amendments to my insurance policy when it comes up for renewal?

Yes. At any time you can add new musical instruments or equipment to the policy as you acquire them, you can also remove any you have sold, at any time.

Can I loan my equipment or musical instruments to a friend and still be covered?

Yes. You will be covered in the usual way if you loan any instruments or equipment out to friends or colleagues. One thing to keep in mind, you will not be covered if that person who you trusted with your equipment steals it.
Please ensure that you are fully aware of the cover limit, terms & conditions before loaning your instruments out. If you are unsure please contact us if you require assistance.

What is 'Unattended Vehicle Cover'?

Unattended vehicle cover means that your instruments will be covered when or if you leave them in your vehicle, unattended. So if you are travelling, touring or going to a music lesson, your instruments and equipment will be covered when you are not in the car and the instruments are locked in the boot of your vehicle. Theft and accidental damage are covered.

If I make a claim, will my insurance policy go up next year?

Normally no. Our insurance premiums would not increase after a claim has been made. Sometimes this may not be the case, if there are several claims for example.

How much money should I insure my musical instruments for?

We advise you to insure your equipment or msucial instruments for their 'replacement value'. This means the cost of replacing any stolen or damaged equipment for an equal replacement. For expensive or valuable instruments such as antique instruments we advise that you regularly have them valued to ensure you are not under or over insured.

Can I take my msuical instruments/equipment abroad and still be covered?

When you take out a policy with us, you can chose between Worldwide coverage, UK cover or premises only cover. So yes, you can travel abroad with everything insured provided you have selected the appropriate level of cover.

Do you insure sheet music collections?

Yes, many orchestras for example have large collections of sheet music which can be very valuable indeed. Contact us for a quote on your sheet music collections and for more details on the cover levels provided.

I want to insure my whole studio and all the instruments and equipment in it, can you help?

Yes, all we need is an itemised list of all the instruments and equipment that you want covered. We will then provide you with a quote and always at great rates.

Can you insure my PA and sound equipment?

Yes, speakers, amplifiers, microphones, mic stands, mixers, everything and anything musical, can be covered on our flexible insurance policies.

What about my drum kit? Can you insure that?

We insure drum kits of all shapes and sizes on the one instrument policy. You should provide an itemised list so that we can price the policy accordingly.

Can software be included in my musical instrument policy?

Yes, but please contact us first so that we can get all the relevant details and provide the correct level of cover.

I have lots of musical instruments and equipment stored in several locations, can you insure it all on one policy?

Yes, all we need is an itemised list of all the instruments and equipment that you want covered. We will then provide you with a quote and always at great rates.

Do you do Public Liability Insurance for musicians venues or studios?

Yes, cover levels can be set at £1 million, £2 million or £5 million. This policy includes up to £10,000 Personal Accident cover. Public Liability Insurance is only available as an add-on for your existing equipment or instrument insurance and not as a stand alone product. Please contact us for details.

Is there a maximum value I can insure my musical instruments or equipment for?

No, there is no maximum level. We can insure everything from a harmonica up to a vintage Stradivarius violin.

Do you do insurance for music teachers?

Yes, we insure all types of music teachers, their instruments and equipment, their cars and also public liability insurance if needed. Contact us today for more details.

Can you insure non UK musicians?

No, you must be a UK resident to take out insurance with us. But if you are a UK resident, we can insure you anywhere in the world.

Do my premises have to be alarmed?

Not normally no. However in special circumstances this can be a requirement.

Does my premium increase if I change my address?

No, your premium will not change if you move. There is also no charge for updating your policy with your new address details.

In the event of a claim, how do I prove ownership and value of the equipment or musical instruments lost/stolen/damaged?

Usually, you will need to provide proof of ownership with either a receipt, or a photo of the instrument with you using it. For items valued at over £10,000 you will need to provide a written valuation from your local instrument retailer or repairer. We recommend having your instruments valued regularly to ensure adequate levels of cover.

What does 'Lockable Windows' mean?

All downstairs windows in your house or premises must be lockable which is a standard feature in most houses.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

The policy holder must be 18 years or older. However you are still covered if someone under 18 is using the musical instrument. It's just the policy holder that must be 18+ Note that this only applies to our musical instrument policies. Our motor policies are 25+

Is a direct debit facility available?

Yes over 12 monthly payments or a one off payment with no added interest. We are able to offer different payment options including direct debits, with a great interest rate. This may vary depending on the insurer and policy type.

Need a renewal reminder?

We will contact you before your insurance is due for renewal to see if we can save you money AND get you better cover.